We Replace Roofs

Most roofs are installed in one day

6 Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Roof

Most people don't think about their roof until there's a problem. When you schedule an appointment, we'll serve you with a free, no-strings-attached roof inspection.

You Deserve To Be Confident About The Roof Over Your Head

It's easy to feel anxious when you hear the howl of the wind or crashing of the rain on your roof. Whether it's helping you with an insurance claim for your roof replacement or providing you with your roof replacement cost, we love helping our clients find the right roof that fits them.

We will always upgrade you with a dimensional roofing system that will look sharp, clean cut and give you confidence every time it rains.

Black metal roof installed on home in Hilliard Ohio

If you want your house to stand out from the crowd, a metal roof may be just the right medicine.  

We’ll guide you through the positives and negatives of repairing your roof vs. replacing your roof and help you determine whether or not you should file an insurance claim.

You Deserve a Roofing Contractor Who Doesn't Just Care About Your Roof

It would be easy to be a one-trick contractor.  Think about it…we show up, do our one thing, collect a check and move onto the next one without any accountability on our workmanship or your experience.  Let’s face it, roofing contractors can be guiltier than most.

We value people over paychecks, which is why we are a general contractor in the Hilliard, Dublin, Powell and Central Ohio area.  To us, every opportunity we’re given to serve you is a job interview to serve you again.

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Filing an Insurance Claim?

Save Yourself A Lot of Money By Avoiding These Mistakes

Download this free ebook revealing common mistakes people make when filing an insurance claim.

How to file a roof insurance claim.

Enjoy Your Home With A Handcrafted Experience

Your Personal Assistant

Managing the logistics of a home project can be time-consuming and stressful. We do the heavy lifting for you so you can keep life going uninterrupted. We’ll make the phone calls, coordinate the work, pick up the materials and keep our contractors accountable – all while keeping you in the know.

A One-Stop Shop

Your home project may require one specialty tradesman or multiple contractors due to the complexity of the job. Either way, we have you covered with our handpicked network of qualified craftsmen. We pride ourselves in being able to do it all for you in hopes that you will make us your contractor for life!

The Golden Rule

We want things to go perfectly and according to plan, but when dealing with a home, that doesn’t always happen. What we can plan on is The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” We promise to keep you in the loop every step of the way and not back you into a corner. We always work to present you with options when surprises arise.

Filing an Insurance Claim?

Download our free ebook revealing common mistakes people make when filing an insurance claim.